Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics

At RHA Inspection Services LLC, we follow a comprehensive Standards of Practice, which ensures that you receive a detailed and accurate home inspection. We also abide by a strict Code of Ethics, which puts your interests first and protects your rights as a consumer.

Feel free to download a copy of both NYS and INTERNACHI versions in PDF format to review both the SOP and COE before we inspect your property. The link is just below. 

Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics PDF download INTERNACHI

Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics - INTERNACHI

Standards of Practice PDF download New York State

Standards of Practice - New York State

Code of Ethics PDF download New York State

Code of Ethics - New York State

Prior to our inspections, we will email you a copy of our inspection agreement which we strongly encourage you to read and understand prior to our inspection. Please print off the agreement, sign it and have it ready the day of the inspection. We will not inspect any property without having a signed inspection agreement. There are no exceptions.
NYS License #: 16000080003